Hypnooclarity Logo Design Case Study

How it started

When designing a logo, it is important to know where the client is coming from, what makes them tick, and what the goal of their business is. Hypnoclarity is a hypnotherapy specialist in Salt Lake City. Their goal is to bring light to their clients biggest questions, ultimately opening their eyes to self-discovery. When creating the logo we wanted to create a concise logo that captured their unique process. The inspiration really started with a commissioned painting from the client that showed the phases of the moon and an eye.

Main Objective: Capture the hypnotherapy process in a simple symbol that was both mystical and serious.

That tools were used: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

Design Process of the Hypnoclarity Logo

Chill Artistry took up the challenge and began turning these ideas into reality. Keeping in mind what the client was looking for, I started with sketches that played with different layouts of the lunar cycle.

First Drafts of Initial Concepts

What The Client had to Say

It turned out that the client gravitated towards option 1 and option 2 because of the simplicity and clarity of concept. After the initial sketches, the next steps were cleaning up the icon and choosing fonts. This is the moment where the logo really came to life. It was important to the client to include the galaxy imagery.

First Revision

Option 1

Option 2

What The Client had to Say

At this point, option 2 really began to surface as the preferred design; however, some tweaks to the galaxy texture and font choice needed to be made. The client really loved the texture of the canvas from the original painting that was the inspiration for the logo design. So we chose to incorporate the original painting and find a font that was more clear.

Final Designs

Banner Image

Social media and digital marketing is an important tool for any business these days. So, to ensure brand consistency, I also provided a cover photo that could be cropped for which ever platform was needed.

If you’re looking for a quality logo design and need to consult a professional, Chill Artistry is here to help. Contact me for a free design consultation.

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